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Men's Bomber Jacket- White Coffee N Cars Edition

Men's Bomber Jacket- White Coffee N Cars Edition

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Gear up for your next car show with our Men’s Classic Bomber Jacket, specially designed for Coffee N Cars enthusiasts. This jacket combines style and functionality, perfect for showcasing your automotive passion.
Crafted from 100% premium polyester, this jacket offers durability and comfort, making it ideal for early morning car meets. The jacket is made of a thin material perfect for California weather. The ribbed stand-up collar, elastic cuffs, and elasticized hem ensure a snug, tailored fit that keeps you warm while maintaining a sleek silhouette. The front zipper closure allows for easy wear, and the two lined welt pockets provide practical storage for your keys and other essentials.
The dark blue polyester lining adds a touch of sophistication, complementing your look as you admire classic cars and network with fellow car lovers. Whether you’re showcasing your vehicle or simply enjoying the atmosphere, our Men’s Classic Bomber Jacket is a must-have for Coffee N Cars events. Embrace timeless style and unmatched comfort with this exclusive piece.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Full front zipper closure
  • Two lined welt pockets at front
  • Dark blue polyester lining

***As each Jacket is made individually just for you when you order it, please allow several weeks

  for us to make and ship it to you.  Thank you!***


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